Jul 10

Across the Border

I stand
two feet hopping on

the threshold

I think of the children

hands covering their ears

one two three
four hundred and sixty

try think of lucky shooting stars

mothers whisper therapists words

his small bones tremble
he draws on dove white paper

a cowering moon and stars under
a colourful skullcap overarching the sky
a hot white sun that sears
your backside as you descend down a blue metal slide into the paper of the other

liquid, brown eyes
shut tight
she knows the name of each rocket whistling by
she used to know the name of each goat in the herd she draws

they stole her kite
set fire to her dreams
blew them into a red balloon that wailing winds carried over

far from her

my toes dance back and forth

one incendiary hot bed
to the other
they cannot rest

for I have tasted the hummus that is the same

across the border