Dec 07

Stories of Children from Baghdad – Harif: Association of Jews from the MENA

December 12, Tuesday, 2023 –  The story of the exodus of the Jews from Arab countries is at last beginning to be told for children. Sarah Sassoon has produced the picture book Shoham’s Bangle for young children, a story of one little girl and her grandmother airlifted to the Promised Land. Miriam Halahmy’s new book  A Boy from Baghdad, is aimed at young readers. It is the story of an aspiring young swimming champion expelled from Baghdad and his difficult absorption into Israel.  Both writers will be in conversation.

Thrilled to be speaking about the story of Shoham’s Bangle – Jewish life in Baghdad, refugees and resilience, and what it means to write the Middle Eastern Jewish female perspective, along with Miriam Halahmy presenting her wonderful new book – A Boy from Baghdad, on Zoom. Please come to what will be an engaging discussion with Lyn Julius.

Recording here.

December 12, Tuesday, 7 pm UK/ 2pm ET/ 8pm Europe / 9 pm Israel